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Hi there,

My name is Eric, the product manager here at VICTECH responsible for developing and running the Colog service.
In this post, I would like to give you an introduction about Colog and how it can be used in a variety of ways.

Without further ago, let's go! 😎


Colog is a free-to-use communication app in a form of message board.

You can use Colog for any purpose - from personal archive to business collaboration, or even for a commercial purpose. If Slack is a communicative app in an IRC format, Colog is the one in a message board format, meaning you can write posts, leave comments or make multiple posts a threaded message.

We also took a look at these problems.
· If you ever encountered a situation where running a website / community required an expensive hosting fee with its functions too difficult to use or tweak.
· Or had some negative experience of closing your website / community because of the service's unstable contents policy.
· Or even if you did not have such experiences, you have that fear in some day you will be facing at least one of these problems while running your own website.

Colog is our answer to solve these problems.

If you are looking for a service where you can easily build and manage your own website / community / forum that lets you speak your voice without any intervention by service provider AND without a single dollar spent on hosting, we present you Colog as the perfect fit.

So then, how easy is it to use Colog?
· Takes 5 seconds to create a new message board
· Takes a second to turn your message board or post into a shareable URL
· Takes less than 5 seconds to sign up for Colog service or to any community built and powered by Colog.

Isn't that marvelous indeed? What's more surprising is that you are also free to customize everything about your community with Colog, such as its title, header images, themes, layouts, button colors and community rules, without using a complicated commands or whatever. What you need to do instead is to touch the options we provide and... baam!! You're done with customizing your community. It's that quick and easy 😍😍

Ah, and I have to mention this too. Colog supports both mobile and desktop experiences, featured by its app and website that runs smoothly on mobile and desktop browsers. At your need, you can switch your device to continue experiencing Colog anytime, anywhere.

Download app (Google Play Store)

Download app (Apple App Store)

What can I do with Colog?

With Colog, anything is possible.

It can be your personal board for note-taking, a to-do list, or a daily check list for shopping or exercising. It can also be a visual medium to show a bunch of images at once; for instance, a family photo album, a travel log, your work portfolio or a mood board, etc.. It is also possible to use Colog as your personal or business file archives, or a small to large sized community / forum on any topic. There is no complicated rules we built to set up your own community unless it does not break our social norms.

Colog supports three view layouts that are most commonly seen on communities and social media around the world, namely [List, Feed, and Gallery] types. You can switch the layout any time to give your community members the best experience using your community.

When did Colog launched?

We are currently at our closed beta phase started early April 2022. 🐣🐣

So there are not many features yet (obviously), and our team is very ambitious to make Colog better by introducing new features. And for this, we take your feedback very seriously; your honest and genuine feedback on Colog experience. If you ever came across with any question, suggestion, or bug report, please do not hesitate to contact us to our Bug reports & Suggestion forum. We promise you we will take your voice very seriously. 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♀️

What restrictions are there to use Colog?

Our team wants Colog to be used by everyone with a least set of rules and regulations in uploading of contents. See our content policy for details.

So the baseline is that it is entirely up to you, the user of Colog (or Cologger), to fill out the space left blank for your creativity and freedom of speech. By only banning the contents that are socially inappropriate, the Colog team will let everyone speak his/her own voice using Colog. 🤞🤞

And to give you a full power to manage your own community, we want you to be remained anonymous by NOT asking your personal information. For signing up Colog, we only ask your email address. No other personal information is required. If you're looking for something easier as in signing up or logging in process, we also provide Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Line and Kakao login options, which allow you a single touch of a button with still only an email address being the only source we get from you 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♀️

OK! Then let's conclude with Colog features at a glance

· Free for personal & commercial use
· Supports mobile & desktop experiences
· Everything can be customized
· Your community, your rules
· Three view layouts (List, Feed, Gallery)
· A powerful security without storing your personal data
· All boards and posts can be shareable with URL

I hope this gave you a better understanding about Colog, its service direction and the team's philosophy.
For any inquiry, suggestion, or bug report on our service, we are ready to listen to your voice at our Bug reports & Suggestion forum.

Well then, hope to see you in another post with more good news! Thanks for reading 😁

Yours sincerely,

Eric from Colog Team.

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