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※ Updated: 2022. 05. 13, Friday, 14:30 (KST)

Web (v1.0.0)

[New Features]
· Invite Link: Invite people to become the member of your community, faster & easier!
· Added a file size and quantity limit on attachment (per post)
· The post viewpage now displays a list of post/thread next and around the current one

[Designs & Layouts]
· Kakao login button resized
· Minor changes on text strings and fixed typos

[Bug Fixes]
· Minor bugs fixed

App (v.1.1.1)

[New Features]
· Shortened URL
· Linked post
· Pin: up to 10 pins per board
· You can now ask pending qusestions to your potential members
· You can now apply some rules and restrictions on changing username within your board
· Invite link
· Attachment size and number limit

[Bug Fixes]
 · Minor bugs fixed

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