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Q. What is Colog?
A. Colog is a free-to-use communication app in a form of message board. See our service introduction post for more details.

Q. Is Colog free to use?
A. Yes. For both personal and commercial use.

Q. Does Colog support multiple languages?
A. Yes. As of April 2022, Colog officially supports English and Korean language. As we expand our service countries, we will be supporting more languages in future.

Q. Is there an age limit?
A. Colog follows the App Store policy, which states that most of community service and social networks are allowed for those aged 17 years or older. However, as long as the content is not considered harmful or socially inappropriate, Colog is opened for those under 17 years old too. Please keep in mind that there may be an age restriction to join a particular community, according to their topics and level of expression. Colog team is solely responsible for the product itself, not the content created and circulated by it. In other word, Colog team is not a contents provider and the team prefers to respect the contents provider's freedom. In terms of contents rating, we set a minimum 'blacklist' rule where everything is acceptable unless it is socially inappropriate or inadequate. Please see our content policy for more details.

Q. How many communities can I make per account?
A. You can create up to three(3) right after the signing up. This number increases to ten(10) after 24 hours.

Q. How many communities can I join as a member?
A. As many as you want. There is no limit to join other communities.

Q. How do I invite people to be my community member?
A. You can invite people by sharing the link on your community, using [Share] button. Colog team is working very hard to provide better experience in inviting people to be the next Cologger. Please stay tuned. 🙏

Q. How do I customize my community (it's rules, functions and visuals)?
A. If you are a founder, the administrator of your community, you can go to [Board settings by Admin] menu and try everything. This includes a change in membership rules, writing/reading permissions, transferring the board ownership or even a delete option.

Q. Can I delete my community?
A. Yes. It is possible to delete your community, but only with some conditions provided. If there are no members or posts left in your community, you can delete it immediately. If not, it will take some time until it is completely deleted. Keep in mind that ① during this time you can undo the deletion process and if the time is over, ② you will not be able to retrieve any of your data stored in your deleted community.

Q. How do I report any questions, suggestions, or bugs?
A. There are two ways.
(1) Send us an email:, or
(2) Via our Bug reports & Suggestions forum

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