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  • Gourmet travel journal
  • Notes on inspiring quotes
  • Personal blog
  • Family photo album
  • Work collaboration
  • eCommerce Q&A Page
  • Meetup communications
  • Anonymous forum
  • Vacation photo album
  • Lecture notes

Colog helps you shaping your online message board for a variety of purposes.
It can be your personal note-taking, to-do list, family photo album, or members-only community on any topic.

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Free for Everyone

You are free to use Colog for personal and commercial purposes.
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Customize Everything

It’s title, layouts, visuals, rules & roles,
and many more.. with a single touch.

Your Community, Your Rules

Set up rules to guide
your members & visitors.

View in multiple layouts

Switchable between three layouts.
(List, Feed, Gallery)

Your Privacy Matters

We DO NOT store or ask
your personal information.

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Unlimited URL Share

Share your community & post
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Communicate with users

You Speak. We Listen.

Send us your voice anything about Colog - feedbacks, bug reports, feature request.. anything.
We take your voice very seriously to make Colog better for everyone.

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